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How Personal Happiness is Affected by Group Drumming Circles

Group Drumming is about tuning into the Positive Inspiration that is created by the rhythms created when drumming in a group.

Drumming can be done by everyone and Unites all Cultures and Ages together.
Drumming with your Corporate Team in a facilitator-led Drumming Circle that contains a specific Corporate message, creates a hardwired psychological connection between the brain, body and soul of all the participants as a Unified Whole.

Drumming in a drum circle gets every participant connected on a deeper level with the person next to them. We feel each other’s Joys & Challenges.

Just listening to the drum rhythms has the same mental effect as taking part in the drumming circle (As found by Dr. Christiane Northup).

Drumming is fun and infectious; When people feel good they give their best at work.

When last did your work team display an effective rhythm of working?
How long has it been since they functioned as a single unit?

Group drumming circles address both of these concerns. Group drumming is Universal and Unbiased, breaking down barriers between all participants.

Drumming circles gets the group talking and listening to each other regardless of how diverse they are.

Drumming for team building improves Focus and Clarity. This is a great activity after a long conference. It causes participants to focus on the now.

Drumming causes the left and right sides of the brain to work together in tandem. This boosts creativity and thinking ‘outside of the box’

The Benefits of Drumming Circles for Mind & Body

The Benefits of Group Drumming

The following positive benefits can be achieved by Group Drumming for the employee:

  • Participants see a Reduction in Stress Levels
  • Promotes Positive Emotions
  • Creates a positive workplace environment
  • Builds self-confidence
  • Builds camaraderie & support
  • Reduces Job Burnout
  • Nurtures Group Support & Morale.
  • Drumming promotes self-respect and respect of others
  • Participating in Drumming Circles increases the level of disease-fighting immune cells in the participant’s body.
  • Reduces Anxiety and Lowers Blood Pressure.
  • Improves Social Resilience
  • Strengthens the immune system

In conclusion, drumming leaves the participants in an upbeat mood and this makes them have a positive view of their team members. This, in turn, makes them more optimistic about company goals and also improves their decision-making.

All the above goes to show the benefits accrued from incorporating drumming into a team-building session for your company.

Group Drumming as Team Building

A team-building session using Group Drumming will stimulate your workers, relax them and Improve their Focus and Clarity.

Drumming is fun & infectious. When people feel good they give their best at work. It promotes positive emotions and causes people to work harder.

Drumming creates an upbeat mood & creates a positive view of team members and managers. This makes participants more optimistic about the company’s goals and improves their decision making.

On a health-level, Taking part in Drumming circles increases the level of disease-fighting immune cells in the person’s body.

The Happy VS. Unhappy Employee

The definition of a happy employee is somebody who loves what they do and has a love for the place where they are working.

The reality of the fact is that most people are in the mindset where they dread the thought of getting out of bed in the morning and making the long trek to work. This is so widespread that it is even referenced in popular culture by means of film, television and Music.

Generally speaking, people who are good at their job are also the ones that enjoy their job and are happy employees.

Happy employees can raise the productivity level of the company they work for and so doing attract other happy employees to work at the company.

Unhappy people tend to put in minimal effort, barely enough to not get fired. This can have the effect of sabotaging the company (knowing or unknowingly) and challenge the very life of the company itself by creating a negative and slack work-environment.

When people are happy at work they tend to work with a positive attitude and be more invested in the company’s goals and successes. They are more engaged in the company’s working activities, and alert of the company’s systems and workings.

The result of this combination of Happiness and Engagement is that they come together to bring about Productivity and Profitability.

Happy employees tend to take more calculated risks and innovate in their role. They seize the opportunity available to excel in the company. They create a supportive atmosphere and learn from their mistakes. They encourage team members to also learn from these experiences as well.

In general, Happy employees are 12% more productive as was proven during a 12-week study of 700 participants.

Happy employees make better collaborators in the work environment as they are working towards, and share a common goal.

Companies with Happy employees generally outperform their competitors by 20%.

Happy salespeople make up to 37% more sales. Happy Employees take 10x fewer sick days than those who are not happy.

Happy people show up early and do more work, they find it easier to go beyond office hours and the strict job description.

Happy managers, in turn, encourage happy staff and create a pleasant, supportive work environment.

In general, Happy people are healthier both mentally and physically. Work-related mental disorders bleed the company by staff taking a large amount of time off, potentially dampening the mood in the office and have a knock-on effect by creating discomfort and heavy emotions among coworkers.

The staff that suffer under these work-related stress disorders potentially take 10x more sick days per year than their coworkers. This drains company funds, time and resources by affecting the other people in the office.

Happiness spreads. Happy people are generally role models for others, and their positive emotions have the effect of Invigorating the others in the office. The brain works better when in a positive state as was shown by Shawn Anchor in his ‘The Happiness Advantage’ programs.

interactive Drumming is an ideal Team building exercise to create Unity among your team

The Statistics

Documented Benefits of Facilitated Group drumming in the Workplace:

  • Reduces stress by 20.7%
  • Decreases fatigue by 17.1%
  • Increases productivity on average by 6.3%
  • Increases vigour/activity by 6.4%
  • Reduces employee turnover average by 18.3%
  • Improves mood by 50%

Health Reasons to Start Drumming

  • Makes you happy.
  • Creates a sense of connectedness.
  • Aligns your body and mind with the natural world.
  • Releases negative feelings.
  • Puts you in the present moment.