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The Benefits of Drumming Circles for Mind & Body

The World Health Organization (The W.H.O) has identified depressions as the number one leading cause of disabilities, globally. An incredible realisation!

The challenge to this is that psychiatric medications used for the relief and treatment could also have several severe side-effects including at the worse end of the spectrum, to permanently disable the healing system.

Due to risks involved for certain individuals in taking prescription medication, we need to investigate alternative treatments and solutions to minimise the risks involved.

A huge study was recently done investigating drumming and its effects on depression. The results were amazing!

Group drumming could possibly play a key in this solution to find additional treatments to use along with medication.


A Test was devised to determine any positive effects found while doing Group Drumming.

30 Adults, who were all current mental health recipients, but not on any medication, were enrolled in a 10-week program of Group Drumming. A control group of 15 individuals was also created from this pool of participants.


The control group were explained that they were taking part in a study to do with music and mental health but did not have access to the Group Drumming sessions.


The treatment Group Received a weekly 90-minute Group Drumming Session, for 10 weeks. The drum circle size was around 15 – 20 participants, with each participant being provided with an African djembe drum to play.

20% of the session involved instruction and talking with 80% being taken up by music-making and drumming.

The control group were enrolled in community and group social activities such as attending quiz nights, book clubs, etc.


The results experienced during the trial were quite significant.

By 6 weeks (out of the 10 week total), the drumming group experienced a decrease in depression levels as well as better social resilience.

By 10 weeks they saw further improvement in depression alongside improvement in general anxiety and mental wellbeing.

Fascinatingly, the drumming group also saw their immune response profile shift from pro-inflammatory to an anti-inflammatory immune response!

The Drumming group thus saw an improvement in mental as well as physical concerns.


Group Drumming is shown to produce positive psychospiritual change

Group Drumming has been shown to not only assist in the placebo effect of mental health but also has a strong physical component to it as was found in the study where the bodies anti-inflammatory immune response was improved.


Humans need connection, exhilaration, group activities, excitement and synchronising with a group to feel healthy.

We have done this naturally for thousands of years in the form of singing, dancing and making music. It is the reason we flock to huge raves and sporting events alike. It is this sensation and connection that Group Drumming Naturally taps in to.

These results in this study were proven without the use of further psychiatric medication, leading to the understanding that a more natural treatment in conjunction with medication may suit certain individuals better in the long run.


This blog article is for information purposes only. By providing the information contained herein we are not diagnosing, treating, curing, mitigating, or preventing any type of disease or medical condition. Before beginning any type of natural, integrative or conventional treatment regimen, it is advisable to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional.


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