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Drum Cafe Germany ran a unique, high-impact interactive performance for 2500 people form Windmöller & Hölscher in Lengerich Germany, featuring boomwhackers and water drums.

When guests arrived, they were unaware that the plastic tubes that formed part of the table décor would become their instruments for the evening. The Drum Cafe team of 5 drummers, a keyboarder and a human beatbox started the event with a drumming performance, before instructing participants to disassemble the table decorations (taking care not to disturb the flowers!). Thus began the interactive boomwhacker set – to a hip-hop groove brought to life by 8 enormous sub-woofers and a huge line-array.

Drum Cafe Germany runs a truly unique boomwhacker set – where the keyboard player adjusts his tune as facilitator Matthias Jackel lifts a different boomwhacker. A big red boomwhacker means the band plays a C-tune, a yellow boomwhacker tells the band to change to an E-chord. This creates beautiful tunes based on the collaborative efforts of the audience and the band.

The event concluded with a magical, wet performance by Christoph Engles on a 2,5 metre drum filled with 7 litres of water, a human beatbox drum piece and an indoor pyro show.

When the catering company neglected to collect the boomwhackers after the gig, Drum Cafe spent a thrilling 90 minutes collecting instruments from each of the 208 tables in the venue, and in doing so connected with every participant, received fantastic feedback, established new contacts and ran a series of unplanned 20-second gigs at each table. According to Matthias, this turned into “the best professional 90 minutes since I opened the Drum Cafe.