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Regardless the different Team Building purposes, we must consider the strengths of each individual that we are utilizing. Everyone tries to identify the different stereotypes, such as the leader, the follower, the big picture visualizers, the creative, the devil’s advocate, the nitpicker, even though, in some cases, identifying and stereotyping these personality traits can inhibit the team building process.

The goal of profiling the personalities on a team is typically to intensify the connections within the group and give each team member insight into how to best handle one another. However, this plan can easily backfire.

Have you ever taken a personality profile assessment and found yourself limiting what you could and could not do? For many, this is a common reaction, and one that is very counterproductive when it comes to team building. For example, a team member who finds that they may have a more aggressive personality may fall back on that when they are arguing a point to use it as an excuse for their behavior. While the test was designed to help this individual acknowledge their aggressive nature and try to be more understanding, it instead triggered the opposite response.

The most significant component of building a successful team is set up one that respects the individuals and each one’s contributions. This is at the essence of our team building programs at Drum Cafe. While each program is tailored to the needs of the individual organizations we work with, at their core, they are all about fostering respect for the individuals that make up the team. When we view our collaborators as equals, it’s easier to relate on a personal level and respect one another as we want to be respected.  It is this respect that allows teams to go from talented individuals to an unstoppable collaborative force— and that’s something that every organization could benefit from.

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” – Aristotle