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The study of “mystery of motivation” intrigues people and it affects both professional and personal side. Drum Cafe‘s challenge is to motivate and energise a broad range of people and teams – and we believe that we can induce a shift within these individuals and teams, regardless who they are or what role they play in their community or place of work. We know that by looking into the core of individuals and their basic needs, we can untap the energy, drive and passion that are fundamentally within us all.

All over the years, many authors have studied this “mystery” and have their theories on the matter. As simplistic as this is, we also work on the same assumption that psychologist, Richard Ryan, points out in the following article … “It begins with the premise that people are already pretty motivated,…” It really is within us all, and drumming is an incredible and instinctive way to release it. I found this interesting, and I hope you do too…