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Humans need synchronised group activities to be healthy, but they can also use them as a tool to be focussed and energised.

Humans , especially in the west are abandoning group synchronised activities in exchange for more virtual and solo activities.
WE only really “become present” at an event when we connect with others.

That magic happens OUTSIDE the comfort zone. When delegates sit and watch presentations for a certain amount of time , their ability to absorb information declines dramatically.
Mobile phones are a pure manifestation of comfort zone and the opposite of being present and focussed.

Over the last 16 years we have pinpointed this as being the biggest challenge to a successful event : How do you get your delegates to really hear the message of your meeting?
In meetings and events, sometimes we sacrifice the very reason for a meeting by allowing people to disconnect and isolate themselves.
The core idea of this presentation is about how the more connected people are during a conference, the more effective it will be.
The power of physical meetings as opposed to virtual meetings ( including webcam , telephone etc) is the ancient phenomenon of “group energy” which humans have harnessed for thousands of years to amplify inspiration.
On a macro level , interactive events give us a dose of this phenomenon.
It is group activities that energise people and magnify the energy of meetings and gatherings.
Getting delegates slightly out of their comfort zone is where the magic happens .
Creating connection between delegates seated next to each other magically makes people feel present.
Physical activities wake us up and relax us at the same time.