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Interactive events for 500 people are always very Exciting.
Last Friday we did an event for Pep Stores for 500 people, supplying both the Event and the AV equipment. The setup took ages and we had to load down long corridors, meaning we had to borrow a fabric cutting trolley … 500 Drums is a huge amount.
After setup we noticed the energy mounting and by the time the delegates started pouring into the room, things were positively electric.
Seeing the drums on the seats, the music playing in the background and the early morning focus all added to a feeling that things were going to be great.
By the time we started , the group were already 100% onboard and it was just onwards and upwards from there.

Our facilitation started off gently , but there was laughing and joy from the first second . We slowly built layer upon layer until it sounded like an orchestra that has been practicing for years . The smiles and joy made for some excellent photos and we left the event as high as our delegates…. We measure our events on how many congratulations we get after the show and on this occasion we would have to give it a full 10/10 … Thank you Pep Stores for inviting us into your community to showcase to you the power of group energy .