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The creator of Drum Cafe West, Natalie Spiro, delivers an amazing social and organizational comment on how the Djembe drum and drumming can heal society as well as improve organizational efficiency. Quoting the famous organizational behaviorist Henry Minsberg : “Community leads to happiness and happiness leads to productivity”. Through drumming, corporate cohesion manifests, which in turn leads to increased happiness, loyalty of employees as well as a healthier working environment.

The concept of interactive drumming and Djembe drumming in particular, is to transcend our definition of self and transports us into a sense of community.  This exhibition is a social revelation on how drumming can overcome political, organizational as well as social problems. Imagine all the political leaders starting of with a drum circle before discussing world issues. This humble instrument has great potential to change our global consciousness, improve communication and remove barriers of energy flow.

With current social unrest the drum can be utilized, instead of weapons, to overcome the disconnected era we are finding ourselves in.

In an era of Ubuntu, with the Djembe at the forefront,  we can all increase our transparency and improve synergy, with rhythm, to create a healthier and more stable society.

Natalie Spiro came to the USA from South Africa with impeccable  credentials and an impressive careers in training, marketing and sales. With a master’s degree in industrial psychology an MBA in corporate strategy and marketing, Natalie Spiro has worked for top global firms in both the financial and hospitality industry.

Excelling in both the corporate world and now at running her own businesses, she has been involved in building and developing cross-cultural teams in marketplaces as diverse as post-apartheid South Africa through the inspirational power of  the drum.

Drum Cafe West operates events in California, Arizona, Washington, Nevada, Oregon and Illinois. Natalie not only manages sale activities and public relations for Drum Cafe West but she’s also a master facilitator leading her team of talented musicians and drummers to inspire and energize companies across whole  USA.