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Original Article POSTED 9:47 AM, JULY 16, 2019, by Vic Macdonald/Editor at clintonchronicle.com


Drum Cafe and The District 56 Faculty has a ton of fun today (Aug. 14) at an in-service following the district’s opening convocation in the Clinton High School Auditorium.

Drum Cafe brings a high-energy team-building exercise to the teachers, as they prepare for the first day of classes on Aug. 19. Shannon Willow says the groups that Drum Cafe USA work with usually start out unsure — “I can’t make music” — and as the hour goes along, participants realize just by “following their heart beat,” they are making music – together.

Then came time for the tag dance (with tambourines) and things shifted into high gear. Drum Cafe USA says, “As we experience the power of a rhythm that works, the entire group becomes a unique, motivational force, empowering capability from within. Each person feels focused, energized, and connected to his or her role and potential within the company or group. A good positive way to start off the new school year.”

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It is a team-building exercise

It is unlike any team-building exercise the combined faculty of District 56 has ever seen – much less participated in. Today (Aug. 14), the district’s opening convocation convenes in the Clinton High School auditorium. After breakfast, there will be drumming.

This is the official kick-off for the 2019-20 academic year in Clinton-Joanna schools. On Aug. 12, the new employees, about 40 of them, ate breakfast together. On Aug. 19, the faculty will meet its students – check the school websites for first-bell information.

In between is the Aug. 14 opening convocation, where Drum Cafe USA will make a special presentation.

An e-mail from the organization says, in part: “I have a very visual story for you. This group is going to be meeting with more than 250 Laurens County District 56 school teachers and staff in Clinton … all of these teachers will be drumming in unison! Yes … playing the drums … and these school district employees have never performed together before, and may have never even touched a drum before now. …

“It’s all about communication, bonding and team building – Creating a more vibrant culture within the school district to kick off the school year.”

YouTube videos show Drum Cafe working with business groups and even total strangers to create a “percussion event”.

“The simple act of drumming has been used for centuries to send messages and create bonds within groups. Therapeutically, it has been found to reduce stress and anxiety, and even depression,” the notice of today’s event at CHS says.

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