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Creating unity through collaboration







One of the biggest challenges we have been told about in 15 years of events is “HOW DO WE GET OUR DELEGATES TO REALLY HEAR US” .

It sounds like an obvious question but the problem is not such a simple one. As soon as delegates arrive at a conference, they slip into a certain “frame of mind” or consciousness.. and unfortunately, its not always one that is ideal for “RECEPTIVITY”.  The tiredness from travelling, over stimulation with so many things going on, too much information as well as the natural state of mind that can occur when watching multiple presentations can all combine together to form a delegate who has a very limited receptivity time.

We take people out of the receptive state, into the creative state…. out of the audience mode and into the performer mode, and slightly out of their comfort zone and into a dynamic and active role as a PARTICIPANT IN A DRUM CAFE INTERACTIVE EVENT.

By giving each audience member a drum and creating a piece of music together, we shift the energy and magnify the energy, and finally transform it to hand over to the following speaker, an audience that is focussed, energised AND relaxed.
This state of mind is pure gold for an event organiser or company leader. People are often receptive for the first time … feeling present , focussed, energised and “on a high” from this natural phenomenon of making music together .

We have 16 years of experience in getting any audience going from 10 to 10,000 people (yes we have that many drums) and the moment is not only energising and exciting but often a historic moment of unity for a company or team .


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