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In December 2011, Drum Cafe Georgia/Florida, was privileged to perform at the opening of a historic Olympic-qualifier swim meet at the Georgia Tech Aquatic Centre (the venue of the 1996 Olympics!) Drum Cafe welcomed American and European Olympic swim teams, their entourages, guests and the world’s media to the event. The Drum Cafe team ignited the stadium in a rousing, passionate opening performance with two shorter pieces of drumming following the opening ceremonies to entertain the audience during the live television coverage by NBC.

Alain led his team of seven master drummers and dancers in an experiential exercise, where movement and music created unabashed awe aiming those in attendance, and drove home the feeling of positive energy present. The audience welcomed the visiting international athletes and their US challengers with an interactive, energizing percussive ‘tribal tattoo’ led by Drum Cafe where a ‘duel of sound’ set the tone for the spirit of competition for the ‘duel in the pool’.

The raw force, energy, sound and emotion of 3500 participants beating a single celebratory rhythm left everyone energized, connected, emotionally charged, and feeling the power of making music as “One Tribe, One Team” so that “the games could begin.