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Live Earth is a massive global musical event started by the Emmy-winning producer Kevin Wall and former U.S Vice President Al Gore. These concerts brought together more than 150 musical acts in eleven locations around the globe.

Live Earth was developed to solve critical environmental issues through integrated events, media and live experiences, using entertainment to move the world community into action.

These concerts were built upon the belief that entertainment has the power to transcend social and cultural barriers and move the world community into action. Drumming the worlds oldest form of team-building has achieved this throughout history, which made Drum Cafe the perfect choice for opening Live Earth. Drum Cafe has achieved incredible international success with acts like; Drum Struck and Silverblack, which have toured extensively across the globe.

Drum Cafe’s shows aren’t only about drumming but includes acrobatic and fire performances as well.  Brilliantly choreographed, they have provided many mind-blowing performances for events like the Beijing Olympics and the Soccer World Cup.