Team Training Ideas

Using the medium of interactive Drum Workshops to teach your team about UNITY and COLLABORATION.

Inspire your team with an experience of Unity that will never be forgotten in a powerful metaphor for Unity.We will create a bespoke event that builds specific metaphors for your message. This can be around Leadership, Collaboration or how the whole is greater than the sum of its parts…. What could be a more relevant metaphor for Unity than an orchestra.

Excite your audience with a powerful music stage show where the audience are the performers.

Energise your guests with an interactive event where each person gets a drum to play, and every person is involved.
Drum Cafe have delivered over 48,000 events in 59 countries making us the world leader in Interactive Entertainment. We have the experience to design an event that will be both physically energising and mentally inspiring.

Let us provide you with ideas to transform your conference with the most ancient form of Team Building, and the first thing we hear in life as humans …. the beat of the heart… THE DRUM.

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Team Training and Team Building Events Create unity through collaboration