Team Building You Will Never Forget

Every person gets a drum to play and we turn your group into a drumming orchestra!!!

Discover Why We Are Trusted By 310 Of  The World’s Top 400 Companies.


Drumming has created energy and excitement for thousands of years. Let’s get your team excited about the event.

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Participation takes us out of our comfort zone… and being out of the comfort zone creates ENERGY !!!


Making music together instantly (which is possible with drumming) is a perfect way to get an audience to experience the magic of group energy … the essence of TEAMWORK.

We are experts in team building.

Every person gets a drum to play and we turn your group into a drumming orchestra.
Creating connection and collaboration through music has an immediate effect. People feel connected, inspired and happy to be working together.

Why does it work?

  • Getting out of the comfort zone magically makes everyone feel great.
  • Creating connection between delegates is what team building is all about.
  • Interactive drumming is a truly memorable experience.

Deliver your exact message through the Drumcafe Metaphor.

Remind your delegates that they are a valuable part of your team…

and that with them you can all achieve incredible things

Completely blown away! I can honestly say that Drum Café was THE highlight of our conference. The executives were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives.”

Kristie Schroeder


The Drum Cafe event left us energised and very emotional.

The very clear message that our vision is the rhythm of our business was very powerful. The most powerful moment of the weekend event by far and why we have rebooked for eight weekends.” BP 

“Such a great job – everyone had a blast at the event, largely due to the Drum Cafe. You guys were the stars of the day! This is our 5th event with Drumcafe…” MICROSOFT 

Why choose Drum Cafe?

As simple as it seems, it really takes many years of experience and expertise and tons and tons of passion to make a group of non-musicians experience the magic of being in an orchestra. Drum Cafe do only one thing, but we do it VERY, VERY well.


Delivered 85,000 events in 75 countries.


310 of the World’s top 400 companies have trusted us… often for many repeat events.


Our team are made up of the best drummers in the world, born to drum with an unwavering dedication to their craft. Drumming and creating music are our absolute passions, and our enthusiasm is highly infectious.


We have a reputation for excellence. From working for Presidents, World leaders, Kings and Queens, countless CEO’s of large companies, Celebrities, and even large events at prominent stadiums such as Wembley Stadium with 100,000 people!

We Have Drummed With Some Amazing People