2017 Has begun with all the excitement and energy that a new year brings; we are ready to return to our daily routine in full swing.

Motivation and positive resolutions were at a high entering the new year; however, disappear almost as quick. The up-beat, refreshed spirit and good intentions are now almost a distant memory.
Drum Cafe is here to help!
Our custom Team Building and Interactive Entertainment programs are designed to Uplift, Inspire & Motivate individuals and teams.

Our programs have been proven to work and achieve positive results through our experience of facilitating over 40,000 events globally; servicing more than half of the world’s top 400 Companies.

Our programs cater for all audience sizes (from as little as 10 attendees to a whopping 5,000)  as well as any age group.
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If you want your staff to get involved, there is nothing like Interactive Drumming. Each person participates 100%.

Drum Cafe will motivate, inspire and unite your staff or department within minutes. Everyone joins in the pulsating fun and works towards a common goals, in a very creative and innovative way.

Drumming is a universal expression that transcends all boundaries: personal, organizational or cultural.

Drum Cafe teaches staff to increase productivity and efficiency through better team work.

Our leadership program has been designed by global Motivation Speakers, HR Consultants, Company CEOs, Leading Musicians and Academic professors.

Turn your company or department into a community with Drum Cafe.
  • Break down barriers to create a more open organization.
  • Align to a common goal, mission or vision.
  • Improve Communications through accurate feedback.
  • Accelerate Productivity by motivating staff and getting them to listen to each other.
  • Motivate by concentrating on getting your team to work together
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Drum Cafe's world-proven programs are guaranteed to build powerful teams and unite companies:
  • Motivate staff to perform better
  • Get workers to work more efficiently together
  • Departments start communicating better
  • Break down barriers between Staff
  • Close the gap between top management and workers
  • Increase Productivity Emphasis on Team Work
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The Drum Cafe offers the most powerful drumming performances, suitable as vibrant background entertainment or as a spectacular feature performance.

We can provide anything from a 2 piece drumming performance to 8-piece drumming or more. The Drum Cafe offers the finest West African drumming on djembe and bass drums, Zulu drumming and Fusion drumming.

The Drum groups that we offer are hot property on the international circuit.

Amongst others, our drummers have performed for:
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Tony Blair
  • George Bush
  • Bill Clinton ... and more!
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