Turn Drab Events to Interactive Experiences
Align the audience to a common purpose

Everybody gets a Takeaway from an Interactive Drum Cafe event;

  • Your Audience / Team members will engage in an active manner and break the Ice , strengthening the bond and core team-aspect of all involved.

  • Managers & Team Leaders will leave the event with the confidence that the audience or team is United to the message of the event and ready to face the future, Stronger than ever!

Our Interactive programs are delivered using a number of percussion

  • Interactive Drumming
  • Interactive Boomwhackers
  • Customized Junkyard Drumming
  • Body Percussion
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The Perfect Interactive Team Building Activity...

Interactive drumming is a fantastic engaging and fun team building exercise for conferences and events, that enables audience members to be part of the show, typically where each person gets a drum to play. The Excitement of this Interactive Event can immediately be felt upon start of the program.

Our interactive drumming sessions and workshops are facilitated by our team of
world class Traditional African drummers.

This is a true fun team building activity that can be delivered along with your
event message and will create a lasting impression that will be remembered by all attendees for ages to come.

Interactive Drumming is the perfect team building activity for private as well as corporate teams, events and conferences.

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Boomwhackers are plastic percussion tube instruments used as both an addition to our interactive drumming or as a standalone event.

Boomwhackers are both intriguing to participate in and fun to watch. This makes them perfect as a short energy boost or ice breaker event, as part of a longer program with Interactive Drunming or a stand-alone team building event.

This event has to be seen to be believed! Boomwhacker events are an excellent way to keep your audience revitalised and engaged. Boomwhacker event sizes can range from small, intimate, events of 10 attendees to large events of over 10,000 people.

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With over 19 years experience and performing more than 40,000 events and conferences, Drum Cafe have built up a team of the best traditional African drummers, dancers and performers available.

We have performed shows on Broadway in New York and Wembley stadium UK, as well as smaller events such as bar mitzvahs and private parties around the world.

Let us create a magical performance for your event with our world class drumming team performing African, Indian, Brazilian or Urban Junkyard styles.

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