African Drumming Performances for Events & Conferences

Experience the Power of your Event Audience  UNITED, Working Together as ONE!


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Event Performances Using African Drumming

Drum Cafe create mesmerising and entertaining performance for events and conferences. Our Enterteinment includes Drumming, Dancing, Marimbas perfromances or Gumboot Dancing.

These are our non-interactive events for opening ceremonies, after-dinner, conference entertainment and more.

Drum Cafe UK help you in creating a shared intention by building Community, Connection and Inspiration for Groups at events.

Our Events show you the magic of Working as a Connected Team.

Drum Cafe can Transform your Events and deliver the specific message you need to convey.

We leave your group Energized, Focussed and Inspired with the spirit of Unity and Community.

Transform , Motivate and Inspire YOUR Team,  Event or Conference.

Feedback from Past Clients

“It was profound…We were guided to learn several rhythms and, very quickly, this crowd of strangers was moving as one. it was like watching a school of fish swimming together. In that moment, I felt buoyed. I felt part of something.

PROF AMANDA WELTMAN , Astrophysicist at University Of Cape Town.

“Completely blown away!! I can honestly say that Drum Cafe was THE highlight of our entire conference. The executives were amazed at how well you incorporated our mission and objectives.”

Kristie Schroeder, Starbucks 

500 pax event in the UK

“The hightlight of our Launch was undoubtebly the outstanding Drum Cafe performance. Its our 4th Drum Cafe !!! “

Director of Nursing and Quality , NHS UK


Performances for Events & Conferences