Drum Cafe excel at producing fantastic engaging and fun Team Collaboration ideas for Schools and Academia where there is a need to create synergy and Team Cooperation

Why Choose Drum Cafe?

  • Interactive events for everybody…Teachers students and even parents. Get headmasters, students teachers all doing something Together

  • we have found something that all age groups find Fun, Interesting (Dare we say ‘Cool’) and Relevant

  • Drumming is popular with teenagers and teachers and creates a powerful moment of unity for the whole school

  • We give every guest an African drum and quickly transform your school into an African Drumming Village

  • Drum Cafe creates an experience of unity and energy that the attendees will never have experienced before

  • We Unite schools by creating powerful and exhilarating music…Together!

Interactive drumming is fun and can be done by virtually everyone. After the session, the whole group attending are  Energised and in a great mood.

Our Team building events are not limited by Age, Groupe size or Type of school.

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Drum Cafe is not a Venue…We bring the magic TO YOU!

Drum Cafe is an unforgettable Interactive Drumming experience that travels to wherever you are with hundreds of drums in tow!

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