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Team Building for Schools and Academia

Unite and Inspire Students, Educators and Parents with an Interactive Team Building Event or Activity

Drum Cafe excel at producing fantastic engaging and fun Team Collaboration ideas for Schools and Academia where there is a need to create synergy and Team Cooperation


  • Interactive events for everybody…Teachers students and even parents. Get headmasters, students teachers all doing something Together

  • we have found something that all age groups find Fun, Interesting (Dare we say ‘Cool’) and Relevant

  • Drumming is popular with teenagers and teachers and creates a powerful moment of unity for the whole school

  • We give every guest an African drum and quickly transform your school into an African Drumming Village

  • Drum Cafe creates an experience of unity and energy that the attendees will never have experienced before

  • We Unite schools by creating powerful and exhilarating music…Together!

Interactive drumming is fun and can be done by virtually everyone. After the session, the whole group attending are  Energised and in a great mood.

Our Team building events are not limited by Age, Groupe size or Type of school.

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Drum Cafe is not a Venue…We bring the magic TO YOU!

Drum Cafe is an unforgettable Interactive Drumming experience that travels to wherever you are with hundreds of drums in tow!

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