Drum Cafe excel at prode fantastic Engaging and Fun Corporate Team Collaboration ideas for Events, Conferences, and meetings where there is a need to create synergy and Team Cooperation.

  • Drum Cafe is a world leader in Team building and Team Training

  • We use Interactive Entertainment in the form of Rhythm and Drumming to Inspire the Audience

  • Our Events are both Physically Energising and Mentally Inspiring for all attendees

  • A Memorable and Fun event which will Enhance the Company Culture and be remembered for years to come


  • Interactive Group Drumming

    An Interactive Drumming Session where every member of the audience gets a drum to play

  • Interactive Boomwhackers

    Boomwhackers are brightly coloured percussion tubes and are both visually pleasing and fun to play

  • Breakout sessions

    We split a large group into smaller groups and teach each a set rhythm to play. The smaller groups are later reunited for a spectacular, joint finale

  • Body percussion

    This is the act of using various parts of the body to make rhythmic sound such as snapping fingers, clapping of hands, stomping feet, etc.

Drum Cafe Interactive Team building services
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