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Interactive Staff Parties & Year-End Functions

Unite your Company with an Interactive, Fun Staff Party!

Reward Staff for a Successful Year.


  • Drum Cafe cater for party events such as year-end function, Office Christmas Party or the Companies’ 100 year anniversary

  • We create interactive events for your entire group, Large or Small

  • Drum Cafe creates an experience that everyone will remember and form a healthy and positive association with the company

  • Interactive drumming is fun and can be done by virtually everyone

  • After the Drumming Session, the whole group Energised and in a great mood

  • Our Interactive Drumming  creates an experience of unity and energy

Drum Cafe UK Create Fun Staff Parties and Events to Inspire all attendees and Create a Positive Association with the company.  

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Drum Cafe is not a Venue…We bring the magic TO YOU!

Drum Cafe is an unforgettable Interactive Drumming experience that travels to wherever you are with hundreds of drums in tow!

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