Interactive Boomwhackers

Boomwhackers are great interactive entertainment for conferences and events

Boomwhackers are musical plastic tubes tuned in the pentatonic scale. By giving every delegate a boomwhacker, we transform the audience into one massive musical instrument. These are used as both an addition to our interactive drumming or as a standalone event.

Boomwhackers are both intriguing to participate in and fun to watch. This makes them perfect as a short energy boost or ice breaker event, as part of a longer program with Interactive Drunming  or a stand-alone team building event.

Interactive Boomwhacker are one in a  number of fun team building options that Drum Cafe UK can deliver for your event, and is known to be exciting and memorable for all involved. It creates a long lasting benefit for the community atmosphere of the entire company and staff.

This event has to be seen to be believed! Boomwhacker events are an excellent form of experiential marketing and keep your audience revitalised and engaged. Boomwhacker events can range from small, intimate events of 10 attendees to large events of over 10,000 people.

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