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Interactive Conference Entertainment

Drum Cafe Supplies Interactive Drumming Entertainment for Conferences & Events Including Ice Breakers

Drum Cafe is a world leader in supplying Interactive Entertainment for Conferences and Events in the UK using our magical blend of Traditional African Drumming and Rhythm.

For Conference Entertainment, an Interactive option is a perfect accompaniment to ensure that your audience or delegates remain focused and aligned to the Event Activity.

We provide Interactive Conference Entertainment for groups of between 10 and 10,000 people, in any venue worldwide.

Drum Cafe offers various Interactive Conferences Entertainment options to make your Conference or Event truly memorable and Inspiring for all in attendance.

Our Interactive Conference Entertainment enables the audience members to be part of the show, typically where each person gets a drum to play and is facilitated by our team of world-class facilitators and drummers.

Our Interactive Corporate Team building and Conference Event Entertainment Options are facilitated using Boomwhackers (a percussion instrument which ensures fun team building and audience participation) and traditional African drumming.

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Benefits of Interactive Entertainment

Our Interactive Entertainment Will:

EXCITE your audience

with a powerful music stage show filled with Interactive traditional African Drumming

ENERGIZE your guests

with an interactive event where each person gets a drum to play

INSPIRE your team

with an experience of Unity that will never be forgotten

What Results are Achieved Through Drum Cafe’s Interactive Conference Entertainment?

Mental and Physical Shift:

We physically relax people while at the same time mentally focusing them.

A Metaphor for Teamwork:

The interactive orchestra is a powerful metaphor for unity and collaboration. We create analogies that make the session both meaningful and relevant.

The WOW Factor:

Interactive music creates fascinating entertainment that will never be forgotten. We create theatre where the audience are the performers alongside world-class musicians and artists.

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Interactive Entertainment Ideas

Interactive Entertainment Ideas for Conference Planning

Whether its client entertainment or entertaining your team , Interactive drumming has fast become one of the worlds biggest Conference Entertainment Ideas.

Because we can facilitate any size event from 10 to 10,000 delegates, all in the same room as the presentations, Drum Cafe Interactive drum sessions are not only practical and easy to deliver , but quite cost effective for Conference Planning.

When planning a conference, one has to fit an event in with the flow of the symposium. If delegates are required to sit in a plenary session for a few hours, it is very challenging to create a type of event entertainment that does not tire delegates out even more.

Delegates need to be entertained at the same time as absorbing information and this is no easy feat.

Interactive Drumming creates a focus and an energy that carries over to hours after the event.

We give every delegate a drum or boomwhacker and transform the whole audience into the orchestra for exciting conference entertainment that will never be forgotten. The photos and videos that you take on the day are magical and will remind everybody of the moment of unity.

Entertainment activities that do not require the audience to leave the room, and at the same timedo not further exhaust that part of the brain that they use for absorbing information can only be achieved through interactive events.

In other words, if you don’t engage the audience, you will tire them out, even more, no matter how interesting the performer is.

The reason for this is that when watching presentations, a certain part of the brain is engaged, and when the event entertainment involves more watching  (irrespective of whether it is a comedian or musician), the brain is still engaged in the same way.

Drum Cafe’s Interactive Entertainment physically engages body and brain in an entirely different manner from the main presentation ensuring a  premium level of audience engagement.  

Therefore, when considering conference planning, one of the key concepts is to make sure that the Entertainment activities wake up the delegates and refresh them between sessions.

We can do interactive drumming for the opening ceremony at kick off, as part of an after lunch event energiser during the famous “graveyard slot” or as a conference closing idea to guarantee to end off on a high note.

We can do an interactive drum workshop before the after-dinnernner speaker or as gala dinner entertainment , or as an ice breaker for an international multi language event where people do not even speak the same language.

Drum Cafe can create an event that is totally non verbal uniting a multi-language audience.

Drum Cafe are a world leader for Interactive Conference Entertainment

Symposium Entertainment that fits the Conference Event Message & Goal

When planning a congress involving a product launch, the goal might be to create an electric atmosphere; when planning an academic annual conference, the goal might be to get maximum information across; when doing an annual sales meeting, the goal might be to create enthusiasm and excitement about being part of the company.

Conference planning should ideally include all of the above factors as well as being exciting, informative and unifying. In short, they must be fun as well as relevant to the event.

Drum Cafe creates Interactive Drumming and Interactive Musical Performances for Conferences and Events, which deliver the message of unity that has been felt by people for thousands of years.

Let Drum Cafe assist with your Conference planning; make your next Event or Symposium a Huge success.

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