Party Ideas for Company Events

Company Celebration Ideas using Rhythm Entertainment

Party activities for Companies that Break the Ice and Break down Barriers

How do you create an office party that leaves guests feeling good about working in or for the company?

What does a year-end function need to achieve to be a success?

How do you create an Office party that is a celebration as well as a positive experience?

The answer is to create an activity that is Inclusive, (includes every person) breaks down barriers (everybody is involved) and breaks the ice (staff communicate with each other in an open and level manner) to create a positive and happy atmosphere within the staff structure.

Interactive Drumming will Transform your Company Celebration…

Interactive drumming is fun and can be done by virtually everyone. When the drum session is finished, it leaves the whole group Energised and in a great mood.

At the start of the Interactive Drumming Activity, we give every guest an African drum and quickly transform your party into an African Drumming Village. This creates an experience of unity and energy that the attendees will never have experienced before. Imagine your Entire Corporate team Uniting and creating powerful and exhilarating music Together!

There are many Company party ideas, so you must be clear on your goals…  If you want nobody to be left out, create an experience that everyone will remember and form a healthy and positive association with the company, then Interactive drumming is the perfect choice for your social event or office party.

Drum Cafe has facilitated over 48,000 events in 59 countries and knows all about getting party guests to have fun in a memorable and unique experience.

Use Your own Party Theme or use one of our Suggestions…

Whether it’s your year-end function, Office Christmas Party or the Companies’ 100 year anniversary, Drum Cafe can create an interactive event for your entire group (from 10 to 20,000 guests) which suits the occasion and delivers the exact event theme message which you want to be delivered.

Please contact us, or request a no-obligation quote request using the form on the right, to find out more about what we have to offer. We have literally dozens of suggestions to make your party function unforgettable.

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