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Second Lesson in Leadership: Support

How can we provide support to our teams? Do we encourage the team members to support one another? It might be useful to take some time to reflect on your own leadership skills. Think about the best leaders you’ve met in your life. What kind of characteristics do you find on them in order to […]

First Lesson in Leadership: Flexibility

Flexibility in Order to Become a Serving Leader Dealing with leadership and management issues in the workplace has become more challenging over the past few decades. Within the blog post “Old School Leadership is Out”, Roy Osing brings up some points of view, considering mainly that managers should focus on providing guidance and support rather than assigning […]

Satisfaction at Workplace

Rarely people look at their jobs as something joyful By delivering joy and interactive entertainment, Drum Cafe has been strengthening the ties between the companies’ ethos and respective employees, upgrading the commitment levels and improving productivity. Although it is not an easily measurable variable, it is interesting to observe and quantify the direct impact on the […]