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Drumming refreshes the parts other events can not reach.

              One of the biggest challenges we have been told about in 15 years of events is “HOW DO WE GET OUR DELEGATES TO REALLY HEAR US” . It sounds like an obvious question but the problem is not such a simple one. As soon as delegates arrive at […]

Drum Cafe With Al Gore at African Climate Change Programme Launch

Al Gore, former US Vice-President and climate change lobbyist, has launched the African branch of the Climate Reality Project, which aspires to assemble individuals and organisations to implement eco-friendly measures and “spread the truth” of climate change to communities on the continent. Towards a 700 attendees audience at the Climate Reality Project workshop throughout three […]

Fourth Lesson in Leadership: Confidence

Have you ever come across a leader who lacked confidence? How successful used to be his/ her subordinates? Self-doubt is not difficult to notice. Even if sometimes leaders can benefit from showing a slight vulnerability, it’s crucial that they preserve their control. Being confident enables us to accept bad appreciations, make lucid decisions, and most […]