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Group drumming: Get into a happier rhythm at work

Percussion is a great way to motivate staff and improve camaraderie and engagement Article originally published in the Irish Times, 5 October 2018. Written by Olive Keogh Drumming has been used for centuries to send messages, create bonds and promote unity within groups. It has also been found to reduce stress and to “tune” human […]

The comfort Zone is the enemy for conferences.

THE COMFORT ZONE IS THE ENEMY Humans need synchronised group activities to be healthy, but they can also use them as a tool to be focussed and energised. Humans , especially in the west are abandoning group synchronised activities in exchange for more virtual and solo activities. WE only really “become present” at an event […]

Drumming refreshes the parts other events can not reach.

              One of the biggest challenges we have been told about in 15 years of events is “HOW DO WE GET OUR DELEGATES TO REALLY HEAR US” . It sounds like an obvious question but the problem is not such a simple one. As soon as delegates arrive at […]