Transform your conference with a motivational corporate Team Building Event… MUSIC & DRUMMING.

team building concepts to turn your team into a unified community

Drum Cafe are world leaders in team building events utilising Interactive Entertainment in the form of rhythm and drumming.

We have the experience to design an event that will be both physically energising and mentally inspiring, ensuring  that your event is a memorable success.

Drum Cafe will achieve the following at your conference or event:

Excite your audience with a powerful music stage show where the audience are the orchestra.

Energise your guests with an interactive event where each person gets a drum to play, and every person is involved.

Inspire your team using a powerful metaphor for Unity that will never be forgotten.

team building Awards & nominations achieved by Drum Cafe
Indira Award Winner for Innovation in teambuilding
Drum Cafe are Conga Award Nominees in the Entertainment Category
Creating unity through collaboration