Your company is a community

Your company is a community

Staff Training Ideas

Does your team feel like a community?

Whether your staff training day is about Leadership, your company mission and vision or Rapid Capability development… you need an activity that creates community.

The metaphor of a drum session or boomwhacker session creates a relevant an meaningful analogy between an orchestra and a team.

Drum Cafe have facilitated over 40,000 events in 56 countries so we have become experts in using this metaphor to teach teams about how they work together .

In the drumming orchestra people have to listen to each other, they must follow the facilitator, the leader (facilitator) must give clear instructions and must have a mandate from the audience to be there. These are some of the ideas that we can create metaphors for in the interactive drumming HR team training event.

If your goals are quite specific around re building a team after reshuffling or introducing a new CEO or teaching a team how to learn a new skill fast (rapid capability development) we will create a bespoke Team Training Session to get these messages across.

The drum workshop is a metaphor for community where each person contributes their energy , and together the whole is greater than the sum of its parts . Every person feels the authentic experience of being united with their team .

The ultimate HR team training activity.

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