Launch a product with ENERGY !

Product Launch Ideas

Do you want to make your product launch powerful, interesting, theatrical and energetic ?

Do you want people to remember it for the rest of their lives ?

These are big goals, and Drum Cafe have learned after 40,000 events how to do this .

The answer is : INTERACTIVE . Engage your audience in an activity that makes them part of the product launch. We give every audience member a drum and create a drumming session for every delegate . We transform the whole audience into a drumming orchestra, dovetailing this event into the product launch so that the audience themselves are part of the cast and crew.
Drum Cafe have been part of some of the worlds’ biggest product launch ideas , from a 1500 pax event at the Royal Albert Hall for Honda to massive Pharmaceutical product releases.  We weave the interactive drumming in to the show so that the audience remain focused, awake and interested throughout the show , feeling like they are part of the programme.

Your Product launch concept must be unique and to do that is becoming more and more difficult. We want the audience to feel the energy of this new product, and to connect with it both in experience and memory .

The ultimate product launch concept is to make the audience part of the show.
please contact us if you would like us to suggest ways of doing this…. we have tons of experience

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