Interactive Drumming as a Team Building Exercise

African Drumming Events as Team Building


Interactive drumming is a fantastic engaging and fun team building exercise for conferences and events. It enables audience members to be part of the show performance, typically where each person gets a drum to play.

Our Interactive African Drumming Workshops are facilitated by our team of world class Traditional African drummers.

This is the perfect team building activity for private as well as corporate events and conferences.

When a group of delegates realizes that they will be playing African drums or boomwhackers in a large group of their colleagues, the excitement can immediately be felt.

This is a truly fun team building activity that can be delivered along with your custom event message and will create a lasting impression that will remain remembered by all attendees for ages to come.


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The Difference between Standard and Interactive Entertainment


If you imagine the difference in what it felt like to watch a performer on stage compared to what it could feel like being the performer; you can realize the immense difference between interactive entertainment and normal performance entertainment.

Different parts of the brain are stimulated when performing during an interactive drumming session than watching a performance on stage; the entire emotional experience of an interactive event sets it apart from virtually all other kinds of delegate entertainment.

Drum Cafe have delivered Interactive African Drum workshops and sessions for Corporate events for 20 years and worldwide have delivered over 48000 drum events in 59 countries. We are the world leader in the concept of audience participation African Drumming Events.

Scenarios where you might use Interactive Drumming:

  • As a Conference Kick off
  • After lunch energiser
  • End of day performance for “ending off on a high”
  • Pre-dinner ice breaker
  • After dinner entertainment
  • Product Launch Entertainment
  • Entertainment at Company Parties

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