Indoor team building event ideas for corporate and private teams

Indoor Team Building Event Ideas

When people think of team building ideas and activities, they often think of outdoor team building involving large open spaces and physical activities.

As great as these are , logistically they are a big challenge for any company.  They require good weather, an available large space and the time needed to get people involved and physically move around.


Drum Cafe UK specialize in a variety of team building concepts and activities for all locations and venue types.

We have created an indoor team building event idea that is done in one room , with everybody engaged and participating at the same time. This is ideal for conferences or events with limited available space, or only having access to indoor meeting rooms and conference halls.

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Small or Large Group Team Building Activities

There are not many team building activities that can be done in a theater style venue with, for instance a large group of 300 participants.

We have the solution by means of our Interactive Drumming sessions and team building programs.

These Interactive team building sessions engage every person, right there in their seat, and creates an indoor team building activity that is a true message-filled collaboration with the entire company team.

Drum Cafe UK have delivered events of all sizes. We can easily get a mid-size group of 500 people or less drumming at the same time in smaller indoor venues, and can also deliver full stadium-sized interactive events with up to 12000 delegates if the need arises.


The experience of doing an indoor team building or bonding exercise with a large group is something that most audience members will never have experienced before. The entire company is united in a single interactive, team building activity for possibly the first time ever.

The novelty of this style team building event wows and engages the entire audience. The fun aspect of the indoor team building session relaxes everyone,  and underneath all of this is a serious metaphor for unity. The metaphor delivered during the team building event can be customized to any message which your event needs to highlight. This creates a sense of positivity, cohesion and inclusion about belonging to that group.


We have many fun indoor team building ideas such as  Interactive Drumming enhanced with music, Interactive Boomwhacker sessions, Interactive drumsticks events, Interactive Body percussion demonstrations  or breakout events which facilitate smaller groups.

Indoor team building activities involving drumming leave the audience as energized, refreshed and invigorated as an hour outside doing paintball or sport , and takes very little time or effort. All this is done in the same indoor venue as the presentations being delivered.

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