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Indoor Team Building Ideas

When people think of team building ideas, they often think of outdoor team building ideas involving physical activities.
As great as these are , logistically they are a big challenge.  They require good weather, a large space and the time needed to get people to physically move around . Drum Cafe have created a team building idea that is done in one room , with everybody participating at the same time.  There are not many activities that can be done in a theatre style venue with, lets say 300 participants. Drumming engages every person right there in their seat and creates an indoor team building activity that is a true collaboration with the entire company. We have done events with up to 12,000 delegates , but can comfortably get 500 people drumming at the same time.
The experience of doing a group bonding exercise with 500 people is something that most audience members will never have experienced before . The entire company is united in a single activity for possibly the first time ever.

The novelty of the event wows the audience, the fun aspect relaxes everyone  and underneath all of this is a serious metaphor for unity that creates a sense of positivity about belonging to that group.

We have many indoor team building ideas involving music including Drums, Boomwhackers, interactive drumsticks, body percussion or breakout events.

Indoor team building activities involving drumming leave the audience as refreshed as an hour outside doing paintball or sport , but take very little time or effort, all done in the same room as the presentations.

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