Experiential Marketing for Corporate Events

Experiential Marketing (Often referred to as ‘Engagement Marketing’ or ‘Participation Marketing’) is a Marketing Strategy that focuses primarily on engaging consumers to observe and experience a brand and by doing so, also participate in the evolution of the brand.

Did you ever have the experience of being highlighted by a performer while in the audience? Either in a Circus as a child or by a mischievous comedian?

If so, then you know the core concept in experiential marketing. The experience you had was probably a moment that you will never forget and is the essence of this marketing style.

The Reason for this is that when we are personally involved in something, it engages us deeper. Our connection with an activity or event becomes infinitely stronger when we observe and take part in it.

Interactive Entertainment for Observational / Participation Marketing

Drum Cafe has pioneered interactive music sessions across the world for almost every type of event, large and small. We use Interactive drumming as the perfect pragmatic tool for Experiential Marketing at Conferences or Events. The product we are marketing is often the main focus of the event, and the goal is to create an audience of delegates who really align to and understand what the product entails through observation and interaction.

Whether you have an event with clients who are potential buyers at a product launch or staff members who you want to roll out company targets and goals to, you need people to really hear what’s being said and remember it.

The experiential aspect of an interactive music event, where each audience member gets a drum or boomwhacker, creates a personal participation and observation experience that makes the audience truly part of the event.  The audience is the orchestra in the show that they are watching on the stage.

Bringing Brands To Life … make your event an experience maker … turn your audience into an interactive music orchestra that observes exactly what the product is about and delivers one of the best forms of experiential marketing available.

We have a wealth of Experiential activities to offer at events such as Drum Workshops, Boomwhacker sessions, Drum Stick Energizers, Body Percussion sessions and more… give us a call and we will suggest alternatives that will work for your specific Event.