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Conference planning Ideas for UK Corporate Groups

Entertainment Ideas for Conference Planning

When planning a conference, one has to fit an event in with the flow of the symposium. If delegates are required to sit in a plenary session for a few hours, it is very challenging to create a type of event entertainment that does not tire delegates out even more.

This is because when watching presentations, a certain part of the brain is engaged, and when the event entertainment involves more watching, even if it is a comedian or musician… the brain is still engaged in the same way.

Therefore, when considering conference planning, one of the key concepts is to make sure that the Entertainment activities wake up the delegates and refresh them between sessions.

Symposium Entertainment that fits the Congress Message & Goal

When planning a congress involving a product launch, the goal might be to create an electric atmosphere; when planning an academic annual conference, the goal might be to get maximum information across; when doing an annual sales meeting, the goal might be to create enthusiasm and excitement about being part of the company.

Conference planning should ideally include all of the above factors as well as be exciting, informative and unifying. In short, they must be fun as well as relevant to the event.

We create interactive drumming and interactive music sessions for conferences, which deliver the message of unity that has been felt by people for thousands of years.

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