Booomwhackers for Interactive Team building Events

Boomwhacking team training sticks in action

What are Boomwhackers?

Boomwhackers are plastic percussion tubes tuned in the pentatonic scale. These percussion tubes are vibrantly coloured and make for a perfect interactive entertainment activity in combination with our Interactive Drumming services. Boomwhackers are both intriguing to participate in and fun to watch.

By giving every delegate a boomwhacker, we transform the audience into one massive musical instrument. Boomwhacker events can accommodate from 10 to 10,000 people.

This has to be seen to be believed! Boomwhackers can be used very effectively for team building sessions, as each delegate receives a boomwhacker which can be ones of 5 different colours. Each boomwhacker colour receives a specific rhythmic piece to play, which builds up to include all groups for a wonderful, energising finale.

This is an ideal team building activity which effectively illustrates to delegates how smaller groups need to work together in their group, as well as part of the larger company, in order to achieve the final, overarching goal .

Boomwhacking events are an excellent form of experiential marketing and keep your audience revitalised and engaged.